Fulfilment and Privacy Policy for WHEC 2024

Terms & conditions

In these terms and conditions "Eventscase" refers to Eventscase Limited. Eventscase sells all registrations as an agent on behalf of Falcon Fenix, the official PCO for the 24th World Hydrogen Energy Congress.  Event Organisers, speakers, venues or producers of an event (referred to as a "Event Organiser") on these terms and conditions and subject to any other terms, conditions or rules applicable to that event.


It is Falcon Fenix and the WHEC  organiser’s, not Eventscase’s, responsibility to contact you if there is a problem with an event. Eventscase services are just limited to providing event software tools for event organisers. 

Delivery and collection

Tickets will be sent to you by email or you can download directly from the website.
When you receive your tickets check the details carefully.
Always check your tickets upon receipt and advise us promptly of any errors. Mistakes when ordering cannot always be corrected and any corrections are discretionary. Contact Falcon Fenix for any possible changes.

Cancellation Rights and Refunds

Tickets cannot be transferred, exchanged or refunded once purchased other than for the reasons set out in these terms and conditions of Falcon Fenix as stated below.

Event Registration

When registering and purchasing a registration, all your account information on Eventscase will be exported to Falcon Fenix database. If you are to change your name or any additional information from your Eventscase’s profile, your new data will be syncronised with any attendee list you are registered.


Cancellation, change or postponement of WHEC 2024

Decisions to change or cancel events are the responsibility of FalconFenix.

Cancellation of registration:

1.     Until June 1 with a 25% Cancellation Fee

2.     From June 2 until June 23 with 50% Cancellation Fee

3.     From June 23, there cannot be cancellations, but you can ask for a Name Change

4.     All refunds will be processed 15 days after the Conference ends.

5.     If your Visa is not approved you will receive a refund minus a 10% Cancellation Fee

All cancellations must be notified in writing (by email) to FalconFenix and cannot be done online or over the phone.

Requests for refunds made after 28 June 2024 will not be considered.


The registration fee does not include participant’s insurance against accidents, sickness, cancellation, theft, property damage or loss. Participants are advised to take out adequate personal insurance.

WHEC, or FalconFenix cannot be held responsible for any resulting costs you may incur for travel, accommodation, any other related goods or service or other compensation.

If an event is rescheduled, deferred, changed or moved, FalconFenix will give you the option of either retaining or exchanging your tickets for the new date, or alternatively claiming a refund. Please note that the Booking Fee and any Transaction Fees are not refundable in these circumstances.

Attending an event

Admission to an event is at all times subject to any terms, conditions or rules of the Event Organiser, in this case of Falcon Fenix or the World Hydrogen Energy Congress and the venue operator, in this case the Hilton Tulum. If you breach those terms, conditions or rules then the Event Organiser or venue operator may refuse admission or require you or other ticket holders to leave the venue.

Amongst other things you will need to comply with health and safety rules and any security requirements (including security searches for the safety of those attending the event). The venue or the Event Organiser will have rights to refuse admission or eject you in certain circumstances and these are likely to include if you are involved with abusive, threatening, drunken or other anti-social behaviour, or carry offensive weapons or illegal or prohibited substances or make unauthorised audio, video or photographic recordings.

Cancellation or Modification of the Meeting Due to Force Majeure

In the event of a force majeure situation, the Conference Secretariat WHEC 2024 and the World Hydrogen Energy Congress (WHEC) reserve the right to alter or cancel the Meeting without prior notice, including any change of the time and/or venue of the meeting. Any occurrence of a force majeure event shall be communicated as soon as reasonably possible from the decision time. Force majeure includes any circumstance beyond the reasonable control of the Conference Secretariat WHEC 2024 and the World Hydrogen Energy Congress (WHEC) which prevents or impedes the realization of the meeting. This includes but is not limited to, government action, war or hostilities, riot or civil commotion, plague, or another epidemic such as SARS, COVID-19, bird flu, earthquake, flood, hurricane, cyclone, fire or another natural physical disaster, explosion, accident or breakdown, strike, lack of the usual means of transportation or terrorism.

Data Privacy and Security

The European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) entered into force as of 25 May 2018 and it involves some additions to data protection.

World Hydrogen Energy Congress and Sociedad Mexicana del Hidrógeno acting on behalf of WHEC, will hold and process your personal details on their database for the sole purpose of administering the WHEC 2024 conference. This information is necessary for the legitimate management of this conference.

We take your privacy very seriously and to comply with GDPR consent requirements, we need you to confirm that you agree with our new Privacy Policy during the process of creating the account in our system. You can view it here https://eventscase.com/en/privacy/

After creating your user account in our system, you can manage your information, protect your privacy and security via our Online Portal that is fully GDPR compliant.

Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the Privacy Policy, Data Protection and GDPR in general whec2024secreatariat@falconfenix.com